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Wow Workout App
With Wow Workout coaches post trainings with progress support and athletes book them and tracking result.
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Индустрия: Marketplace, Здравоохранение
Основатели: Alexander Yaromich, Artyom Trofimuk, Vadim Shipuk
Статус: Рабочий прототип, тестирование
Дата основания: 15 июня 2019
Необходимые инвестиции: 50k
Что мы создаем

With Wow Workout, workout organizers can post information about their workouts and users book them. The organizer may be one person or the whole company. You can quickly filter everything all a workouts. Get proposals for the desired criteria, select the appropriate, track result with training diary and food diary, receive recommendations of combinations workouts which compose different types sport destinations.

Current problem
Lack of a platform for the search workouts of any sports criteria, followed by support of the training process.

Our solution
Creating a mobile application for creating, purchasing and support workouts with the following functions:
- find favourite workouts if you are a sportsmen, post information about sports activity if you are a coach or a sports complex
- smart workout diary
- easy to use food diary
- combination types sports to maximize progress
- purchase of workouts with famous athletes

Alexander Yaromich
CDO, UI / UX Designer
Artyom Trofimuk
CEO, Product Manager, Developer
Vadim Shipuk
CMO, Marketer
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